Our Vision

SICCAR was founded on the idea that digital change needs to be foundational as well as superficial. Our mission is to connect and protect business and society with trustworthy data.

The What

At Siccar, we saw the need for a more secure way to share business critical data, enabling trusted collaboration between suppliers, partners, and customers.

Siccar ensures that the right people can view the right data at the right time by providing a single source of truth for Emissions Reporting, Green Home Retrofitting and other sustainability challenges.

The Why

People and their data are often not sufficiently protected. Complexity and lack of data integrity slow down innovation. Data breaches are common and have a disastrous impact on both organisations and individuals.

With the drive to reduce carbon emissions and hit net-zero by 2050, it is imperative that a reliable way is found to measure, report and assure these emissions are correct. If these reportings are incorrect, oil and gas companies can have their licences revoked and face huge financial fines amongst other penalties.

The How

Siccar is a future-proofed shared data platform that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing applications and infrastructure by implementing flows of data between organisations using a special distributed ledger register controlled via governance policies called ‘blueprints’.

Blueprints define what data is shared, where it is shared and who can access it. This a powerful component of Siccar, as data cannot be shared with anyone who does not have access to it.

SICCAR encrypts your data and wraps it in a tamperproof transaction which is shared only with the intended parties before finally being added to the secure and immutable blockchain.

The Who

Dominic McCann

Dominic McCann


Dominic is an entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record of successful strategy execution in delivering digital transformation, driving enterprise sales, leading growth in public companies, managing institutional investors and complex sales / operational environments across multiple industries. In 2016 Dominic was approached by the Board of BTL Group (Interbit), the first publicly traded BlockChain company (TSX), to lead the company through series A financing and the next stage of sales growth. After 4 years and leading the company to valuation of half a $billion, he moved into private equity and advisory consulting.

Prior to this, at SAS he led teams selling enterprise solutions across multiple industries and pioneered the SAS Global Energy Business Unit. Based on the success of the unit, SAS promoted him to Direct the Global strategic growth into supermajor Energy companies. ​

Brian McCrindle

Brian McCrindle


Brian is an experienced executive and non-executive director with a proven track record in both finance and business operations.

His previous roles include COO at Symphonic Software, a company that was acquired by NYSE-listed Ping Identity Corporation, securing the company the 2021 UK Exit of the Year in the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) Angel Investment Awards. Prior to that Brian spent 33+ years working in Finance and was laterally Director of Home-buying & Ownership at NatWest/RBS and led the implementation of the UKs first paperless mortgage process.

Stuart Fraser

Stuart Fraser

CTO & Founder

Stuart has 30 years professional practice in Information Technology. He was involved in a number of leading-edge projects such as the BP Virtual Teamworks desktop video conferencing project in 1995 and as start-up CTO of MiiCard (now The IDCo.) Stuart successfully founded and built the first Scottish domestic cyber security and cryptography company DNS before its ultimate sale to Dell Corp.

Stuart founded SICCAR because of his view that DLT networks and cryptographic technologies can fundamentally transform the secure sharing and protection of digital data in the Internet age to build a better, secured by default, and natively digital world.

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones


​JJ has led the qualification of target verticals, closed the company’s first commercial licenses, and forged strategic partnerships with billion-dollar international companies.

He also played a leading role in Siccar’s most recent fundraise in April 2022.

Prior to joining Siccar, JJ was Head of Business Development at BTL Group (Interbit), the first publicly traded blockchain company (TSX), where he led sales growth into the Oil and Gas sector, defining an industry consortium of energy companies with a combined market cap of over $500bn. He led the commercial team from the London office and oversaw product management via overseas development teams.