Seamless and Secure Shared Data

SICCAR is a blockchain-based enterprise data sharing platform that gives organisations full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem.

Our platform takes a unique approach to data security that ensures your business has built-in protection as data is created.

For businesses that would benefit from having complete control over shared data both before and after it leaves your enterprise. Get in touch now for early access to SICCAR’s platform.

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Business has never been more interconnected. We’ve never been more reliant on external parties and their data. Trust is essential.

We need robust data to make the right decisions. However, there’s no way to share secured verified information across organisations. This lack of trust and governance means serious security and compliance risks, and inefficiencies in your business ecosystem.

SICCAR is a shared data platform. Only SICCAR can implement a single point of truth between organisations, with advanced shared data governance, which can scale up as you grow.  

“SICCAR can be a real game changer for sharing vital evidence of circumstances and eligibility criteria to unlock access to public services and vital support, in a discreet, secure and citizen-controlled way.”  

Paul Dymock

Head of Innovation, Students Awards Agency for Scotland

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