At SICCAR, we work as a team to achieve our mission to connect and protect business and society with trustworthy data. In this ‘Meet the Team’ series, we speak to the individuals that make up the SICCAR team.

In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’ we meet Myles Bax—our new Partner Sales Manager.

As the first full-time employee at educational technology company Robotical, Myles helped grow the commercial function of the business, forging partnerships with educational institutions all all over the world. Myles also has experience in publishing and the media. He is entrepreneurial in nature and is excited to get involved with the DLT space as a part of the SICCAR team.

We asked Myles a few questions about his background, passions, and what he is looking forward to most about working on our team.

Why did you join SICCAR?

Three reasons:

i.) I’m excited about the space that Siccar operates in (DLT/Blockchain) and felt that the team are well placed to solve real pain points for businesses using an innovative platform.

ii.) There are impressive individuals both within the team and on the board.

iii.) Finally, the significant investment in the company last year points to the fact that there is momentum building and I wanted to be a part of it!

What makes SICCAR different from other organisations?

The DLT/Blockchain space is dominated by companies that are focused on cryptocurrencies. Whilst this has understandably been interesting (and exciting) for many people, I’m intrigued by the fact SICCAR has taken this nascent technology and used it for use cases that are applicable across multiple businesses and scenarios that are ‘mainstream’ in nature. There is a real opportunity to change the fundamentals in the way that data is shared, stored and managed. SICCAR is focused on preparing the market for this change.

What hobbies / volunteering / passions do you have outside work?

I love sports! I’m particularly involved with the distance running scene (I race for Edinburgh Athletic Club) and have some post-pandemic races coming up which I am really looking forward to. I used to be a ski instructor and over the winter try to take advantage of the snow as much as possible… in Scotland we have variable winters but ski touring (hiking up hills with ‘skins’) is a great way to explore mountains even with limited snow cover!

What is the most exciting thing about working at SICCAR?

The company wants to change the world for the better and are unashamedly ambitious. It’s very exciting and empowering to know that the sky is the limit…

Who or what has influenced your career most so far?

Undoubtedly being involved with edtech startup Robotical. I was involved with the business from a very early stage and therefore went through the initial investment rounds and saw what it took to build a successful business. I have to mention some key mentors too: Rob Dobson—who Chaired at the company. Also Diana Easley and Ewan McCowen, who mentored and coached me at different times as the business grew. I also took a lot from a course I did with Bill Aulet of MIT—I would thoroughly recommend his book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, for any budding entrepreneur.