What’s Included:

SICCAR Quickstart lets you quickly demonstrate distributed ledger technology (DLT) to deliver cyber secure cross-organisation collaboration on secure, trustworthy data.

The SICCAR Quickstart involves a workshop to:

1. Quickly define and model your DLT use case

2. Accelerate your evaluation of the SICCAR platform

3. Provide a functional prototype of your DLT innovation to enable you to demo and refine your use case

In this workshop our expert will guide you through the design and deployment of a cross-organisation use case. The SICCAR platform enables easy design and deployment of cross-organisational data sharing by:

See how SICCAR can help your business


  • defining the organisations and data protection in your use case
  • modelling data governance or assurance processes across organisational boundaries
  • configuring this data sharing and process flow using SICCAR tools and templates
  • implementing and enforcing this data protection and process flow in a cyber secure distributed ledger
  • presenting a prototype application as familiar web and mobile apps

The SICCAR Quickstart includes a complementary half-day workshop and requires access to the SICCAR test platform. We offer a one-month trial period of our test platform, and after platform subscription costs are £1000 per month including platform license, cloud costs and email support.